About Se Konsa!

With the love of Jesus, we provide opportunities for children with disabilities.

Our Non Profit, NGO organization is called Se Konsa which means “that’s right!” Currently our ministry includes outreaches into villages, hospitals, schools, and to families with special needs children. As our ministry touches mothers, fathers, children, the sick, teachers, and even the men and women that work at the camp, our desire is to show God’s love.

Se Konsa!

We are a ministry in Belize dedicated to helping special-needs children and supporting our community.

Our Not for Profit, NGO organization is called Se Konsa! which means, “That’s Right!”. The organization’s outreaches include villages in Cayo, Belize, Central America. These villages don’t have clean water to drink so we are providing them with donated water filters. At the hospital we pray for the sick, and give care packages to new moms who sometimes have nothing to even wrap their baby in to take them home. We teach labor and delivery techniques to expectant moms and dads at the clinic in San Ignacio and in the Mennonite community in Spanish Lookout. Many women have asked us to help be doulas for their births, so we provide support before, during and after their deliveries.

We help at schools with maintenance and building projects, also teaching the students how to use tools and fix things around the school. We teach the students gardening with hands-on gardens; and how to raise animals for food, with live animal pens. As our hearts have always been touched by special needs children (having two jewels of our own!) we are currently building our dream for them- a special needs children’s camp, Se Konsa! This is the first camp for special needs children and their families in Belize. It is most common for families to hide these children away, so we are proud seeing them out here with their huge smiles!

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