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A Kingdom Paradigm – 03.08.20
Pastor Grant shares about the power of developing a Kingdom Paradigm that causes us to operate the way Heaven Operates.
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Native Tongue – 03.01.20
Pastor Joe exhorts and challenges us to make everything we do, whether serving or operating in Spiritual Gifts, be done
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It’s All About Identity – 02.23.20
Pastor Randy shares a potent word about Identifying with Christ in baptism. We are to identify with His new, resurrected
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How to Live Supernaturally – 02.16.20
Special Guest Noel Alexander gives us a strong exhortation to press into the 2 T’s – Tithing and Tongues to
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All is Forgiven, I Love You – 02.09.20
Pastor Randy shares about preparing our hearts for the coming harvest by learning to extend the same grace we have
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The Ananias Generation – 02.02.20
Special Guest Dr. Sameh Sadik brings us a powerful word about God using everyday people and calling us to love
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Secrets of the Secret Place – 01.26.20
Special Guest Bob Sorge gives us a powerful invitation into valuing the Rhema’s of God’s mouth and how to receive
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Rest – 01.19.2020
Pastor Randy uses the example of Moses to reiterate what God has been communicating to us in the Spirit about
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Seated, Not Defeated – 01.12.2020
Pastor Randy exhorts us to remember who is on the throne, regardless of what situations may suggest. Your heavenly position
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01.05.20 – Happy True Year
Pastor Randy shares about fixating on the truth and how the Holy Spirit reveals the truth to us with an
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